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Client – Mier Zuchman

Client/Program Information – University at 14th design transforms the Presbyterian & Disciples of Christ Student Center into a retail center. The design should focus on building identity and sustainable concepts. The existing Presbyterian & Disciples of Christ Student Center is no longer in use by the church and will be converted for use as a restaurant/retail center. The identity of the building must be transformed while making use of the existing shell.

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Design Solution –

  • Facades (South, East, North) address shading and solar/spatial modulation (50% window surface shading). The design provides limited but engaging signage area. The Tower element is incorporated into the identity of the center.
  • Bus shelter is fully accessible, and includes sheltered seating. Approximately 5’W x 10’L
  • Streetscape: integration of outdoor space through landscape, spatial use of plantings, permeable surfaces, decking, water collection/storage and site furnishings.
  • Roof Occupation: a new deck creates a upper level exterior space at the southeast corner.

Services included:

  • Preliminary Design
  • Real Estate Marketing Brochure (Exec Summary, Team, Description, Renderings, Plans, Rent Roll, Demographics, Contact)
  • Schematic Design
  • Tenant Fit-out Assistance and Work Letter Review
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents 50% (CDs finished by partner firm)